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Founded by Sacad Ahmed Essa and his brothers Khadar and Abdirahman, Sacadadiin is one of Somaliland’s most iconic and pioneering brands. In 1992, we opened our first supermarket in Hargeisa and spearheaded the incredible retail revolution that would help rebuild a nation. Nearly thirty years later, that humble beginning has become the incubator for many ground-breaking ideas and is an absolute testimony to what is possible and achievable in Somaliland.

In 2005, our track record of pushing boundaries and seizing the next opportunity lead to the opening of our highly successful furniture store. Offering a wide selection of luxury products, Sacadadiin Furniture, quickly became a must-see destination for shoppers, both local and international.

Knowing our customers better than anyone else means, anticipating their needs and providing services that truly add value. That ideology is what we had in mind when, in 2019, we launched Hargeisa’s first hypermarket store, focusing on convenience, variety and flexibility. Through this and future hyper-stores, we aim to successfully give customers the opportunity to satisfy all their routine shopping needs in one trip.

Sacadadiin Group has grown and flourished well beyond our original vision and, today we continue to elevate that vision, year on year, through inspiration, big ideas and bold action. Today we service over 180 000 customers each year and our businesses continue to be at the forefront of convenience, choice and luxury living.


At Sacadadiin Group, we believe that all business culture stems from the vision and direction of its leaders. Our executive team genuinely believe in the consistent advancement of the way we work, the way we live and the way we serve. Sacadadiin is proud to be one of Somaliland’s iconic brands, with a strong sense of social and economic responsibility to our community.

Our vision is to be the most trusted retailer, where people love to work and shop. We’ll do this by putting our customers at the heart of everything we do and investing in our stores, our colleagues and our community to offer the best possible shopping experience.


Through our values, we want to be known for doing the right thing, for our customers, our colleagues, our suppliers and our community.

We source with integrity and ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality.

We celebrate our customers and strive to make every experience count.

Whether it’s with our suppliers, exclusive partners or community, we believe in working and growing together.

We believe in looking forward and investing in the future.

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